Thursday, February 16, 2012

When There's Nothing Else We Can Do

I'm sure we all have someone, or several "someone's," for whom we pray. Constantly. There are days when it seems like there's no way we can reach that person or help them.

I'm speaking of those who we know could be so much happier if they just accepted some things in life. They could be happier if they accepted God in a fuller way. These folks seem to constantly make themselves unhappy and blame it on the world. Or they blame it on folks around them. They might even blame us. I don't even mind being blamed. I just want to see this person happy in the way I know it can be.

So, what is there to do when we've done all we can do? I guess the answer is to simply pray.

Pray now. Pray tomorrow. Pray always.

I may not ever see this miracle happen here on earth. Hopefully, I will see this person happy in eternity.

But for now, I am ON this earth. And it still bothers me and hurts me that I am helpless. Except to pray. Prayer gives us hope. And hope helps us to go forward each day.

Father, Sweet Jesus, Most Holy Spirit - please hear my prayer for this soul who would love you so much if you opened his heart. Meanwhile, please accept my prayers for what they are worth - hopeful pleas for a lighter spirit and trust that you are hearing my voice.

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