Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DIY Valentine Projects - Heart Paper Clips & Bookmarks

The last post of this series features a truly simple project: heart paper clips which can easily be used as bookmarks. There is always someone who pops into our minds at the last minute on a holiday and clips and bookmarks are something anyone can use.

Although there's not much to this tutorial because of the simplicity of the idea, you'll get some tips and ideas about how to bend them. Go to HowAboutOrange, at this link.

This is another one of those ideas that is great all year round. They'd be great to give with paperbacks to somebody who is home-bound or in the hospital.

If you want a cute way to give these, go to my earlier post about a printable gift box.

This is the last of my series (1/15-2/14) of Valentine projects.

For other projects in this series, just look along the right sidebar for the label "Valentine Projects." I will post only tips that do not require knitting, crocheting, machine sewing, tatting, embroidery, or any other skilled technique.

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