Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thrift Store Yarn Bonanza's for Charity Crafters

Many of us who do charity crafting either knit or crochet. We almost always begin using the leftovers in our own stash. Once in a while, after word gets around, folks drop yarn off to us. This is all good and most welcome. But it only works for a while.

Once bitten by the charity crafting bug, a victim needs more and more yarn. Making all those scarves, hats, gloves, lapghans, shawls, preemie clothes and baby blankies gobbles up the yarn faster than most of us can accumulate it.

Not only that, many of us cannot afford to buy new skeins to satisfy the growing need.

Two of the gals in our Friday morning charity crafting group are, to me, thrift store goddesses. These two are experts. They take their meager charity yarn budget and hit the list of stores they have accumulated over the past two or three years. I have marveled at their tales of their finds.

Most recently, one wise shopper said that she really made a buy at this one particular store this past week. For $10, she almost literally dragged two huge bags of yarn of all colors to her SUV. She said that she had carefully nurtured a relationship with one of the clerks who tries to put some aside for her, knowing she will make her rounds every few weeks.

I am now getting very eager to tell my own thrift shop yarn-bargain story. This coming week, my SSA will hit and I hope to squeeze $10 or $20 out of it to hit at least four shops in my immediate area. I can't afford as much for gas as others do, but if I make a careful loop of these four shops, I should be able to do it.

Of course, if I spend it all on a bonanza in one shop, that will be even better.

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