Sunday, January 8, 2012

Earning Easy Rewards from Recyclebank

There is a site that I have meant to share with you for a while and keep forgetting to do so. I must do it now while it's on my mind. This is not really a review because I really like this site and what it does. It is mostly a "sharing" post.

Recyclebank informs you about green options while offering fun ways to learn about how to help the environment and save while you are at it. There are over 3 million folks registered currently. That is a lot of people who are already trying to help those around them while they are helping themselves.

Basically, you register, you visit their site and earn points and collect rewards for simply caring about the world around you. You can earn points several ways and more are added all the time.

You can earn points by reading about a green topic. I haven't read a boring topic yet.

You can earn points by answering brief quizzes. The quizzes are fun and informative. They are very simple and quick. You don't need to be afraid that you will answer incorrectly. You will still get your points because they will let you know the correct answer afterwards. Their whole goal is to inform you.

You can earn points by pledging to take a green action. Don't worry - there are no green police to watch that you fulfill your pledge - it is between you and yourself alone. But the pledges are all sensible and you will want to fulfill many of them.

Many of these are interactive.

Once you are registered, you will receive regular emails. Some will advise you that there are some new actions to review so you can earn more points. Once you begin to accumulate points, you will receive a weekly email detailing the points you earn each week.

What can you do with your points? Just today, I printed out a coupon for two free cans of Friskies for my beloved Tigger. There are some rewards I want to get but I have to check a few stores locally first to be sure I can find somewhere to use the coupons.

Rewards are always changing or being added. Some of the reward sponsors that you might recognize are: Kiss My Face, Q-Tips, Green Mountain Coffee, Ruby Tuesday, Macy's, and K-Mart. See what I mean? The rewards are useful and desirable.

Okay, I did my good deed for the day. Now you've got to treat yourself to some information and some points. Hop on over to Recyclebank and check it out.

Oh, and did I mention that you also get points for referring folks if they sign up? What fun it is to help ourselves while we are helping others. It doesn't cost any of us a penny. How great is that?

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