Saturday, January 7, 2012

Qualifying for Assistance Programs

Although I have written at times about some assistance programs our household has used, I need to make something clear. We are very careful to only accept the help we are qualified for. When we no longer need the help, we get off the program.

Once, for instance, last year, we were on food stamps for a few months. Each month, as mandated, we sent copies of my nephew's part time pay stubs and my social security deposits. Once we were at the limit, we stopped immediately.

I honestly believe that God helps those who help themselves. In our society, there are many programs which can help us in various stages of need. There is no reason to not use them, if we qualify.

Another time, when a dear family friend in the household was in deep need of an access ramp to our mobile home, we found she qualified for a wonderful metal ramp that an agency built for her. It enabled her to use a scooter and added to the dwindling quality of life she was constantly facing. We were very fortunate that time.

There have been other times when we were not qualified for some programs because we were honest in our declarations.

However, it is not that way with everyone. I have overheard some conversations when folks were entering or leaving. I have heard them discussing which income they do not intend to declare, or which family members they do not plan to mention.

I am not patting myself on the back. I am just plain scared to cross the Lord by lying blatantly when I need his help. I won't say it hasn't been tempting at times to withhold some information which would disqualify us. These days, however, I need to have the Lord's blessing as strongly as I can get it.

So, when I mention the few times we accept or use a program or two, it is only when we truly need it and if we truly qualify for it. I am too chicken to do otherwise.

Dear Father, thank you for the times you have led us to the sources of help when we have needed it.

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