Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Shop's Been Featured in Two More Etsy Treasuries

This is really amazing. My shop was featured in two more Etsy treasuries, just before Christmas. I didn't have time to blog about it until now. But this makes FOUR treasuries that featured one of my items just in December alone. That will probably never, ever happen again.

For those who do not know, Etsy is an online mall featuring handmade items. Members are welcome to create a collection of 16 items by different shop owners, with a common theme, and present them as a "gallery."

One Etsy curator focused on some of my plastic canvas cross-in-my-pocket pieces, and another focused on a pair of my crocheted pull on slippers for adults.

The slippers are a blue and brown pair, in a treasury titled Winter Collection, curated by Liz Kapiloto, at this link. Liz has gathered items in wintery shades of blues and browns. I love this collection. It includes baby things, buttons, art prints, jewelry, pillow covers, paper flowers and digital paper. I love the lovely, soft shades she gathered. Liz has a shop of her own, here. She creates and offers absolutely beautiful paintings, illustrations and canvas prints. I saw one I really love with images of kitties and flowers superimposed on each other in a lovely image, titled Pink Flower Painting.

The other treasury, with my handmade crosses, is titled Where Hope Started, curated by Tracy Ponder, at this link. Tracy has gathered items, mostly crosses, dealing with faith. This special collection includes jewelry, wall crosses, pocket crosses, buckles, bookmarks, bible bags, stand alone crosses, prayer stones, and canvas prints. These crosses are so varied and so striking that I am amazed at the variety and yet the sameness of the message. Tracy has a shop of her own, here, called MySongDesigns. She fashions beautiful jewelry pieces with wire and glass, semi-precious stones, ceramics and other materials. I am a dangle-earring addict and I immediately zipped over to her collection of over 70 pairs of earrings to see what she had. I truly love that she tells the length of the earrings with every description. I have a short neck and if earrings are over a certain length, they just lie on my shoulders - not appealing. I love fresh water pearls and she has quite a few pairs that caught my eye.

I am grateful to both of these ladies for featuring the items from my shop. I am also always happy to discover new shops and new fave items for the future when "my ship comes in." (LOL).

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