Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Slow Start to 2012 Posts but Happy New Year to All

I seem to be getting a really slow start on my blog posts this year. Hopefully, I can do something useful tomorrow. For tonight, I just wanted to write something brief, hoping it will kick-start me into action.

The blog posts are the only things that are slow to start, however.

Craft-wise, I am trying to finish some crocheted slippers I promised some folks for Christmas and otherwise. Four pair are for one particular family and I have two of the four pair finished. Two other pairs are for two of our Friday morning Charity Crafters. It's just something I've done since our group started - made each member a pair.

Also, a local minister ordered 100 of my plastic canvas with satin ribbon crosses. I have the plastic canvas rectangles cut now, as of an hour ago. Tomorrow, I begin cutting the cross shapes. That takes a while, perhaps two or three days. Saturday, I need to run to Joann's for the satin ribbon. They should be finished in a week to 10 days.

Charity Crafting moves along, always. We have another new member. Until now, only one of us has ever seen her. About a month ago, she saw one of our members in their mobile home community while Louise was making something for our group. She became interested. She knits and has already donated six pairs of crocheted slippers, baby blankies, and more. She plans to come over this Friday and we'll all get a chance to meet her.

Prayer-wise, even when I do not post about it at the end of the day, there is never a day that goes by without my saying not just one, but many prayers. Feeling connected with the Lord in these one-on-one conversations helps me make it through each day. Praying frequently, about big things and little things alike, keeps my spirits up. The way I figure it, when I pray about it, I have placed the concern in God's hands and I can move on to other things, trusting that he is working on it for me.

Then there was our monthly mobile home community newsletter which I write, edit, print and staple, on a volunteer basis, at the end of each month. In December, only a short week ago, I ran really late on that. Normally, it's two days, tops, time-wise. This time, I had trouble with both the dedicated laser printer and with my personal ink jet printer. Drums, toner, cartridges; duplex printing half of the job, single sided the rest of the job. It took me almost five days, because of dealing with the printer issues, to get it out of my hands.

So, although my posts are starting slow, my days surely are not running slow. In fact, I like it better that way because it keeps my mind sharp. Or, at least I think it does - maybe I'm fooling myself.

No matter.

I just wanted to take the time to wish everyone a wonderful 2012! 


Suzanne Fain said...

Hello Evie.....I want to thank you and the others in your group for all of the donations you make for Volunteer Angels during the year. You have helped many needy people since I have known you. I am wishing you and yours a wonderful new year and continued happiness.

Suzanne Fain

Evelyn Mayfield said...

Thank you, Suzanne. It is our pleasure -