Wednesday, December 28, 2011

For Craft-y People Only!

I just have to share this one with you. I get an e-newsletter from CrafterMinds and tonight I read it and laughed almost all the way through. This is a really cute collection of responses to the statement "You know you're a craft blogger if..." at this link.

Carolina Moore posted it and she has an amazing network of crafters and craft bloggers. You will see links in her post to many other craft bloggers so take your time. Save it. And return to it, off and on, and click on those links in her post and discover some other great, funny, creative, or all of the foregoing, in craft bloggers. You'll find lots of inspiration. And you'll find lots of company and you will never again think you are weird for saving something, or taking a photo of something, or having blisters on your finger from a glue gun or glitter permanently stuck to your kitchen table.

CrafterMinds is a blog dedicated to helping crafters who blog to connect with each other, and to learn how to take their hobby to a business level. They have some amazing posts.


Carolina said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the post! Crafterminds is a fun group... Starting in January we'll be holding weekly twitter chats again as well!
I love that I can be here alone in my crafty space and know that whatever I'm working on... I'm not alone... There are other crafty types like me creating, photographing, blogging and sharing right along with me!

Heather - said...

Thanks for blogging about this - I loved the one you added -- you know you're a craft blogger if... you have to blog about a blog. :)

Evelyn Mayfield said...

Heather, it is an addiction LOL

I see something on someone's blog and I just have to share it. It's uncontrollable LOL