Saturday, May 15, 2010

Who is Important - Them or Me?

I am trying to change some of my ways.

I am not one of those older folks who insist they are too old to change or mend their ways, and I surely do not want to get that way.

Currently, I am trying to step aside at times and allow the other person's light to shine through.

For example, if someone is playing the piano, and doing very well, it doesn't mean I need to insert my own comments about how well I personally do or do not play. If I want to comment on that, there is always my blog, or another time. For that moment, it is important for the person God placed in my path, that the person of the moment is seen in that moment, not me.

Sometimes, that is difficult to do. It's not that I am full of myself. I don't think I am. But I am sometimes too quick with responses. Words fly out of my mouth.

When I was very young, and until I was into my late 30s and managed to recover from my alcoholism, I was a little timid unless I had a drink. After I stopped drinking, I slowly learned that I could speak up without the false confidence of alcohol. However, I often speak before thinking.

I am also a nurturer and a sharer. If I have learned something, and by sharing what I learned, I can help another person, I offer the info. That is not always welcome. That is yet another reason to get out of the way of whoever is in the middle of the moment. For that moment, that person needs to either be needed, or heeded (listened to), or kneaded (gently comforted and nudged into rising to the moment, like dough is kneaded to shape the bread).

Dear Father, help me to keep my mouth shut when need be so that others you place in my path may shine as you plan that they do.

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Peach Rainbow said...

This sounds like "ME"!
Most of the time I too feel like I should have kept quiet than talking, but when I realize that it's too late.
A good reminder, thanks!