Saturday, May 8, 2010

Donated Yarn and Generous Crafters

Late yesterday afternoon, a neighbor dropped off a hefty bag filled with skeins of worsted acrylic yarns. She had been given a larger bag by a woman getting rid of stuff at a yard sale. My neighbor kept some cotton yarn for her own projects and gave the rest to the "ladies."

The "ladies" are the small crew of five of us in our senior mobile home park community who gather most Friday mornings to work on things for the needy. You've read my past posts about our projects. When I take this bag over this coming Friday, they will be thrilled. Most times, we make things from our own stash, using up our smaller amounts. This will be a treat, almost like an early Christmas gift!

The neighbor who gave this to me for our crew is generous in her own way. Most of her cotton worsted projects (dishcloths, towel toppers, etc.) are given to family and friends and neighbors. She loves to do for them.

I've always known most crafters to be equally generous. Most of us rarely make things for ourselves or for our own home.

One of our ladies said her husband, after watching her make things for others for a long while, finally almost begged her to make him an afghan for himself. When we heard that, we all laughed because we all have been there, done that.

Every once in a while, I'm successful in my attempt to cover my own household. When I make something for someone else, I try to make another, just for home. Sometimes I remember; sometimes I do not. I guess that is why I often enter crafter swaps online - at least then, I receive some handmade things for me. I do so enjoy well-made handmades.

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Peach Rainbow said...

I think the crafters are generous because, gifting what you make to someone who loves it, can make you more happier than you having it.

And receiving something handmade is also fun, So i hope you too will receive some handmade stuff very soon!