Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thanks for Little Things

Tonight I am especially thankful for little things. Lots of them.

Normally our weather here in Las Vegas hits the 100s by mid-to-late May. We've barely gone over 90 a few times so far. This week, today, we're in the 60s. That means my air-conditioning use is very light, for which I am very grateful. Those electric power bills out here are horrendous in the summer. So, first of all, I am thankful for the cooler-than-normal weather this week.

Next, I am thankful for the wonderfully warm but lightweight afghan I just tossed on my bed. It's an old one but I had never used it until this year. I was afraid to. My dear mom made it years ago (she passed on in '94). She knew I loved purple, lilac, and lavender. This is sort of a mile-a-minute striped pattern, mostly white (not very good for me), with alternating shell stitch stripes of lilac -so pretty, so feminine. She always considered me her girlie daughter and my sis her tomboy daughter. So I especially am grateful for the comfort and the memories that climbing under this afghan will bring me tonight. I am also thankful, plain and simple, for the bed.

I am also glad my 13 yr old kitty is still doing well after his dental surgery a couple weeks ago. He is happily eating his crunchies again, along with his moist food. But the crunchies will help keep his teeth in good condition.

I am grateful, too, for the gift of being able to crochet to ease my stress. I love crocheting. I love making things for gifts, and things to sell, and things to donate to the needy. I just plain love it. And even though my days and nights are full, I manage to find smidgeons of time to do a little crafting here and there, half an hour here, an hour there, less and more.

I am grateful for a dear friend who surprised me with a package yesterday with homemade mocha mix for hot drinks, sock yarn to play with at crocheting socks, and even some chocolates. This means a lot from her because she is healing from a broken knee while trying to raise her daughter's two little children.

Oh, there were other things I meant to write down here tonight, but I forgot to note them. For now, these are the most soothing and comforting.

Dear Father, thank you for the little joys you send my way to brighten my days and nights; help me to always be aware of your gifts to me. And for those who I know who are dissatisfied with their lot in life, please help them to ease their stress just a bit by being able to see the little joys you send to their lives, too.

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cherie... said...

thanks for your post - it really made me realise that i also use crochet to ease the stress of life/work.

happy hugs x