Saturday, May 22, 2010

Prayers for Family in Need

I've always known that there are others worse off than myself. I just met a sweet mother of six, ages 3 to 17. She works and the father works, several jobs between them. One child was accidentally electrocuted by a lamp wire a while back and part of her lip is gone. Grandmom has just had a mastectomy and has non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and is beginning chemo.

Yet, the mom, who I met tonight, is such a sweet person, I cannot help feel for them. They will be in my prayers, as I hope they will be in yours, for strength and healing. They already apparently have love for one another.

I met them on Freecycle when I was getting rid of something that they were able to use. I love Freecycle. I have met many nice people on there, just trading with each other for things no longer needed by some, but wanted and needed by others. Almost every decent sized city has a branch. Just go to and enter your city and state, and if there is a group near you, it will show. Do not be discouraged if one doesn't show up - try a nearby town. Just make sure it is some city you don't mind the driving distance for. It is worth the time. Their mission is to keep things out of dumps and to help people get what others might be ready to throw away. In the past, I have received hub caps, yarn, VCR tapes, paperbacks, and much more. I cannot even begin to list what I have given, in exchange. Have fun.

Meanwhile, my heart and my prayers are with this loving little family I just met tonight.

Father, bless this little family for having faith in you and in each other; heal where they can be healed; give strength where they need strength; and thank you for putting them on my life's path.

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