Friday, May 21, 2010

I Owe Him, Big Time

God answers many of my prayers, including all the little ones I send up each day. Small favors like getting me to a place on time in spite of the traffic, or making a payment on time before something is cut off, or helping me find something in this cluttered home of mine when I need it.

Today, he answered two biggies. Both were medically related, for a loved one. We were so afraid on two different issues, both of which could have caused a loved one to lose time from work, or even worse, to lose his job. We didn't have the funds to get to full medical care fast enough to fix the problems - and there was no medical coverage for this person.

I'm not going into detail here on each issue. However, God was very, very good to us.

On the one issue, which involved a six-month industry physical exam and certification, he somehow squeaked through. Normally, he'd need to be re-examined in six months to a year, but this time, he must go back in three months. Still, it buys us time. Somehow, we must lower his blood pressure, among other things, by then.

The other issue was a painful issue with his bod that he has suffered for years. We were afraid that this time, he might have to go to an ER. Happily, the problem resolved itself mid-day today.

I prayed and prayed on both matters. But I always know that it's his will, not ours, that must be done. So, we were resigned, just in case. We never expected both matters to be taken care of and to get three months grace, to boot.

Dearest Lord, how can I ever thank you for these special favors today? They meant a lot to our peace and well-being, and to a loved one's comfort level during his 12-hr shift at work. I will testify and praise you every chance I get, and tell others of your love, compassion, and mercy.

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