Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not up to par

Sorry about tonight's post. I'm feeling a bit worthless today. I did not get a thing done that I planned to do. I'm supposed to be finishing two Etsy orders and life kept getting in the way. Even then, I did not feel as though I were doing what I should be doing.

I realize we all have slightly down days. I'm not talking about crippling depression here; just a tad useless. I still did all my normal daily routine tasks. But I was also supposed to begin our senior MHP's monthly newsletter and now I will be pushing tomorrow to do it all at once instead of doing it over a few days. Plus I need to take care of those two Etsy special orders. They are not difficult - just a bit time-consuming.

Sometimes I can shake myself loose when I remember to use my tried-and-true tricks on days like this. If I remember, I go in and splash cool water on my face. I indulge in a bit of caffeine - iced tea or a second cup of coffee for the day. I didn't' do any of that today.

Dear Lord, I know your plans rely on each of us doing what you hope we will do each day; forgive me for letting you down a bit today. Please take over tomorrow and nudge me gently toward the things that are most important on your list of things for me to do, not those on my own list. Thank you for being there.

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paula aka stress16 said...

If those two orders are mine please don't fret there is no hurry and there is nothing wrong with taking a day for yourself. You deserve it hun