Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Prayers Needed for Friend

Wow, there is always someone worse off than I am.

I've had this cyber-friend (who is also a fellow crafter) for a few years now. She's a wonderful middle-aged woman who is somehow managing to raise her two small grandkids alone. They are something like 4 and 8. She lives in a teensy town in Oregon, and she has no car. She rides a bike to the pharmacy or stores, unless a relative luckily shows up from out of a nearby town to help drive her somewhere. For a long while, she toted the kids behind the bike in one of those bike-trailers.

She just let us know that she fell down the stairs and broke her knee and sprained her ankle. I have no idea how she will manage. I am sure her mother might try to help with the kids. As for getting back and forth for treatments, meds, and so forth, it will be very hard on her. In her tiny town, she doesn't even have access to discount or disability taxi fares. She rents an apartment and depends on various programs to help with expenses and the kids' health issues, and so on.

I know what it felt like when I was 50 and broke my ankle (I still have plates and screws in that ankle). The knee must be much worse to deal with - Obviously, this woman needs prayers, big time.

Dear God, this child of yours, Micki, loves her family very much and has tried to do right by them under difficult conditions. Now she faces yet another earthly trial. Please shower your mercy down upon her and send her an incredible amount of love, help, and unbelievably quick healing. Jesus, we trust in you.

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Vaughnde said...

I too live in Oregon but in a retirement town. I would like to send your friend something to cheer her up. I know how she feels because right now I am also laid up. My parents live in this town as does my youngest daughter, son in law and grandson. You can email me at . I'm adding my prayers to yours for your friend!