Monday, April 19, 2010

Towels for Towel Toppers (Source)

Wow, I should take my own advice more often. Yesterday, I realized I really needed a source for kitchen towels for one of my fave items to make: kitchen towel toppers.

For those not familiar with the phrase "towel topper," those are the kitchen towels that hang, from a crocheted or knitted top, on a cabinet handle or an oven door handle. A whole towel is cut in half, and the "topper" is handmade across the cut edge; the towel then buttons back on to itself.

Most times, you can find the towels for a dollar at Walmart, or seasonally at Walgreens for the same price. Sometimes Anna's Linens has some on sale. Still, I like some variety.

Well, something made me check the button I have in my left sidebar for DollarDays online. At their site, I just typed in "kitchen towels" and got almost 50 hits.

Now, it's true that I would need to buy in bulk to get these, in most instances. But I know a few other ladies who will probably go "in" with me on this, when I get ready.

The main thing is that I found quite a variety, at wholesale prices, and they will be there when I finally have the funds to go get them. How neat is that?

Now I've got to start thinking of DollarDays as a source of craft supplies, more often than I had before.

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