Saturday, April 17, 2010

Anybody Got Any Left-over Oomph?

I don't know where my oomph went, but it's not here tonight, and I seriously doubt it will be here tomorrow (sigh). Maybe it's the onslaught of the warmer weather - I hate that I had to put on the AC yesterday and today, already! Here in Vegas, we've hit the mid-80s several times in the past two weeks. This shouldn't happen until mid-May.

The roofer-dude patched the cracks in my metal roof on Wednesday, but I need the coating up there, too, and that won't be affordable until mid-May. He's also gonna get me solar screens for the two worst west-side windows.

I don't even really feel like writing tonight - yep, my oomph is definitely not with me today. How about you? Any oomph? Any left-over oomph you can lend me?

Our weather patterns (not just here, either) are a mess.

When it is hot in the house, my energy-level is just non-existent!

I'm taking the easy way out tonight. I sent an email to about 10 friends, asking for any left-over oomph they might have. I just pasted what I wrote to them, in here. How's THAT for lazy?

Poor Frank - his usual cab was in the shop and he had a different one, one WITHOUT A/C! He was so dry when I picked him up, we made a fast stop at a Circle K on the way home for a cold bottle of water. I always fill a little jug (I bought it at WalMart - I think it's a full liter) and fill it half-full and pop it into the freezer before we go to bed. When he leaves at 2/2:30 am, it's frozen and he usually has enough for the shift because it melts slowly. Today, that didn't do it - it melted way too early because of no A/C in the cab, and what little was left late in the shift was too warm to swallow.

Dear God, thank you for at least shelter from the heat; I pray for mercy for the homeless and those who are so poor that their shelter almost doesn't exist; have mercy on them, please, and forgive me for my whining and complaining.

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