Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Waiting for God's Help

Regarding my last post from two nights ago, about Changes in the Wind, I remember when a dear friend faced a life-changing issue. She had to leave where she was living, unsettled and unnerving as it was, and find a new place to live. She was also taking care of her grandchildren at the time. This was a mess for her to face.

She had no idea how she would pay for the move, or how she would pay for move-in fees for an apartment, or even how she could manage to pack in time. She sold almost everything she had, including her beloved stash of yarn, at yard sales. I'm sure her eyes were wet with unshed tears.

Many of us worried with her during those dark days, and prayed with her and for her. The amazing thing is that had she resisted, she would never have found the place she is at now. She is so happy, and the kids are happy. Looking back, everything came together, worrisome as it was at that time, in the way it needed to happen.

It doesn't mean it is all perfect now. But she, and those of us in her loop, can see God's work in her. She worried about a bed when she could no longer deal with the couch. At the moment when she was about to give up, her prayers were answered.

She prayed for relief of the stress trying to potty train her little grandson.
Miraculously, when she was just about at the end of her rope, her beloved "little boy" became a "big man" and has remained on track. When her nerves became frazzled with his being underfoot day and night with no break, suddenly he was approved for Head Start.

She doesn't know it, but some of us are grateful for her sharing her worries, her prayers, and the answers God sent. It helps us see similar things in our own lives. Prayer is answered. But in God's time. Somehow, we have to learn to relax and wait upon it.

Dearest Father, I am so grateful to see not only how you work in my own life, but how you work in the lives of your other children here on earth; thank you for letting me see and understand; fill me with patience when I am at the end of my own rope, that I may wait upon your help with love and patience and faith.

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Kelly L said...

We serve an amazing God!

Love to you