Friday, March 19, 2010

Resisting God's Plans

This week, I've thought a lot about how often I resist God's plans for me. Most times, what he has, or had, planned for me was much better than what I envisioned for myself. Oh, it's true, I don't have riches, but even with all the stress around me, I am more fortunate than most. I can always curl up in his peaceful presence and rest and recharge. That is worth far more than gold (or even frankincense or myrrh!).

Still, knowing all of that, I still resist. I have known a saintly few in my left who did not resist. One was a dear friend who I met as a co-worker back in NJ in the 60s. Margie was a blessing. I was still an active alcoholic but able to hang onto a very good job. Fortunately, my drinking was off-hours. One wonderful day, Margie got me to a Charismatic convention in our town. When I walked into that convention meeting room, I felt almost overwhelmed by the love and peace and the Lord's presence that I felt. She gave me a Bible that year, and I still have it. It took a few more years for me to quit drinking, but the warmth I felt that day, I am sure, helped me keep going toward the daylight of sobriety.

Back to Margie. She had endured and conquered alcoholism, also. When I finally met her, she was always smiling, rarely, if ever, gossiped, and looked for something good in everyone around her. She was one of the amazingly saintly few I've met in person. I've thought of her quite a bit this week, knowing she is with the Lord these days. Hopefully, I will stay on his path and we'll meet up again one day in eternity.

Another thing that had me thinking about why I resist the Lord's path is an inspirational romance from the Love Inspired line from Steeple Hills, which I just finished reading. The title of this one is: No Place Like Home by Debra Clapton. If you like good endings, good people dealing with life's issues, cowboys, and fudge, you will love this. Not just for women, a man can enjoy this, too, without embarrassment. He could easily relate to a man looking for a good woman and dealing with his own macho image with perhaps too much pride. If you can find a copy, a man in your life might enjoy this one. It is not only lighthearted in the right places but humorous as well, showing us that life has many faces.

Back to the resistance. This book is all about these folks resisting God's plans for them, and how they dealt with their own stubbornness, and how they finally allowed God to manage things for them. I might read this one again before I pass it on.

So, I come away from this week with a fresh look at my own resistance. I have been reminded of what I already know.

Father, thank you for reminding me of what I already know: life's road is much easier to travel if I allow you to do the driving!

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