Friday, March 19, 2010

Blogs I Love: Suzie's Stuff

Suzetta Williams is incredible. Her crochet (and I think I saw some knit) patterns, many free, are all easy and cute. So many easy patterns I see just are not all that cute. At least, not when I tackle them. I don't mind tougher patterns, but there are times I want and need something quick and easy. The reason I found her tonight was because of a search for something different in crochet angel patterns. I have quite a few but I needed a different one.

I found two on her blog: Suzie's Little Angel, and Suzie's Little Angel Bookmark. She has a lot of cute bookmarks and the tops can easily be used alone as magnets or pins or trims.

I hope she doesn't mind that I plopped her two angel pattern photos here to give you an idea of what she has. But you really must go look at the more detailed patterns.

She has the cutest pattern for a 7-Hour Toddler Sweater and a cute ripple pattern for a "baby sack," much like a big slip-the-baby-in-a bag-bunting.

I love this for gifts. There are so many cute patterns on her site. You will go there and not come "home" for days.

I hope you enjoy visiting Suzie's Stuff as much as I do. I had to click to Follow her. One visit is not enough.

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Peach Rainbow said...

Thank You for the introduction, i just checked her blog and instantly fell in love with her bags!