Saturday, March 20, 2010

Praying When I Cannot Concentrate

Sometimes when I begin to pray, my mind is not focused. Most people who are based in their faith have a prayer or a series of prayers that they try to say each day or night. In my case, in addition to some quick prayers off and on during the day, I try to pray five decades of the Rosary each night before bed. It really only takes about 20 minutes. That is not a whole lot of time to give to God. We each have our own personal prayer routine. You might devote some time each day or night to reading the Bible. I do that, too.

For a long while, I felt very guilty and upset when I found my mind wandering during my prayer session. I think we all have times when our minds just cannot feel the intensity which the Lord deserves during our routine prayer sessions.

I have finally made my peace with these times. I have talked with the Lord many times about this. The mere fact that I give him that time and that I stick it through to the end, tells me that I care enough to devote that time to him. Even if my focus is not as sharp as it usually is, I am offering those moments of time.

On earth, we have many issues to distract us. Spending time with God in prayer, whether joyous or just routinely mild, shows him that I care.

Dear God, I know that you are very aware of what is in my heart; help me to concentrate when I come to you in prayer, and help me to understand that you forgive me for the times when my finite mind wanders from my intention.

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