Monday, March 15, 2010

Hard-Core Packrat

The rest of this month, and next month, I must continue de-cluttering. Out here in Vegas, it gets very hot already in May. My poor old mobile home feels it quickly. It's not all that well insulated and the AC vents don't carry the cool air to the back part of the home. So, I need to do this before it hits.

Craft supplies are a big part of this de-cluttering. Any of you who have checked out my Etsy store online should keep your eyes open starting a week or so from now. I'll be putting a lot of plastic canvas patterns and a lot of other craft stuff in what Etsy sellers call a "De-Stash" category. I'll try to remember to post here to give you a heads' up. These will be at bargain rates, just to get them to a good home and to cover the cost of mailing and the bother of packing them, and a wee bit for me (you didn't think I'd do it for free, did you? LOL).

Re-arranging what I have will be a royal pain in the process (and in the back and in the knees). But in the end, it should be a joy. I have to make this push, tired as I am. I'm not sure how many "pushes" I have left in me, so I must make this a high priority.

I will have fun, in many ways, though. Many folks tell hard-core packrats like me that if we haven't used something in a year, we don't need it and we should get rid of it. With me, however, if I haven't used it in a year, it's usually because I can't find it, and once I do, I start using it. I can't wait to see what I unearth in my crafty archeological dig.

Oh, and if you're a hard-core packrat, email me or leave a comment, and I'll email you an old verse I wrote back in the 90s, which is still very appropriate today, and one I really must put on a poster... it's called, of course, The Packrat.


"Deal"icious Mom said...

Hi - Thanks so much for having a link to my site on your blog! If there is anyway you could update the link I would totally appreciate it. All you have to do is delete the current link and re-enter it. Something happened to my links on other blogs when I switched to Wordpress Let me know if you update it and I will be sure to add a link to your site on my Friends & Followers page! Feel free to email me anytime!

Catmommie said...

I'm also decluttering my stash and sending a lot to our local Methodist home for their use. It multiplies, doesn't it??