Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trusting Him Relieves Stress

This is one of those nights when I am not at all sure why I am even writing here. I am very tired. I won't bore you with what I did and didn't do today, or with what went wrong and what went right.

After reading that last sentence, I realized that I should be happy that I am tired and happy that some things did go "right." "Right" means according to my plans. I can only assume that the things that I thought went "wrong" just means that, even though I had planned to get them done, they were probably not in God's plans for me today. That takes a lot of stress off of me. I like that way of thinking.

To be honest, a lot of my stress would go away if I just kept God in the driver's seat on this journey through life.

Today, I had to set up a new B&W laser printer that I picked up yesterday with community funds so that I will now print the monthly newsletter here in my home instead of us using costly outsources. But, as adventurous as I once was with new technology, I am becoming more wary, more frightened to tackle anything without a pro with me.

Still, I unpacked it, laying everything out. I took the manual, got a cup of coffee, and skimmed through it. I said a prayer. Actually, I said a LOT of prayers. Then I took a deep breath and began the step-by-step instructions. Within a half hour, I was already testing the duplex printing for tomorrow's print run. I need to run off 450 sets of 6 page (3 sheets, double-sided) newsletters. Then I need to use the new automatic stapler I also picked up, and clip them in the corner.

I am still amazed that I got this wonderful new toy moving without trouble. I had envisioned more troubles than you could ever imagine.

Father, thank you for helping me push aside the things that were not in your plans for me today, and for your generous, loving help with the tasks that you needed me to do; help me to trust in you more and more each day.

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