Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Necessity is the Mother of Invention (or Designs)

I am not a crochet or craft designer. However, I have, out of necessity, often adapted patterns for many reasons. Sometimes, I need a different size. Sometimes I just need a different "look" but not far from the original pattern. Sometimes I just need a jumping-off point so I can make what I really need but cannot find a pattern for.

Lately, I have been fixated on the fact that I just cannot seem to find angel patterns that really please me. I have many angel patterns, but many are similar. Others require my stiffening them to get them to stand up. Still others are filet that look good in photos but not in real life.

I have decided to start working on some of my own patterns and angel ideas.

Hopefully, I can finish some of them and share them with you, eventually.

Wish me luck?

1 comment:

Micki said...

Good luck and cannot wait to see your patterns! I am sure they will be as wonderful as you are!