Monday, March 22, 2010

TV Preachers: Joel Osteen (Bloom Where You're Planted)

At first, this past Sunday morning, I was annoyed with myself. I felt at loose ends and couldn't seem to motivate myself to do a lot of de-cluttering and other household chores I had been putting off. Being Sunday, I turned on the TV to Daystar Television Network and started watching some TV preachers. By the time 10 a.m. came, I was looking forward to Joel Osteen's show.

During the past three years of heavy-duty care giving for an aging family friend, Jane, who passed on a year ago, there were times I sat with her, giving her some companionship-time in spite of things I knew I could be doing. She loved that show. I quickly understood why. I have been a writer for over 40 years and even I do not know how he packs so many words of wisdom into one little half hour.

This past Sunday, his main topic was to Bloom Where You're Planted. One of the things he mentioned was about "keeping the Lord's day." It suddenly occurred to me that I should be doing that. Even if I do not make it to a regular service these days (because of household schedules, one vehicle, other age-related issues), it doesn't mean I shouldn't still keep one day for just thinking or meditating on the Lord. So, I quickly grabbed my crochet hook, a ball of yarn, a cup of coffee, and sat and watched and listened.

I won't tell you the whole of his message because you'll get much more out of the way Joel Osteen delivers it. In fact, it made such an impression on me and my goals that I went online, and ordered the free audio CD for that message. I did leave a small donation, but it is not required. You can see and hear this message by clicking here. In fact, I just clicked on it while writing this, because I needed to hear it again.

The main reason I ordered the CD was that I do not want to forget his message. Being me, being human, I know that today it is fresh in my mind, my heart, and my intentions. A week from now, forget it. I need that CD so I can pop it into my PC when I need a spiritual boost!

Mostly what I need from this message is how I need to wait with patience while God is finishing the work he has begun in me. I often wonder if my dreams and plans will ever materialize; and I often wonder if I am holding myself back or whether I am not doing enough, fast enough. Joel Osteen's message that Sunday morning really opened my eyes.

He covered so much of everyday life: dealing with difficult people, how to accept our current lot in life while we are waiting for something else to happen, how to keep upbeat in a downbeat atmosphere, and so much more. I need it all.

Father, thank you for today's marvelous technology and how easy it is to be renewed during today's pessimistic atmosphere; bless Joel Osteen for giving his life to you, and to us.

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