Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lack of Focus

Ok, I've got to get hold of myself. I haven't posted since 2/21, almost a week and a half. It affects my focus, my inner peace, when I do not spend some time with the Lord the way I do when I write these posts. I realize that everyone has their own way, their own time, for talking to him. This really works for me.

My lack of focus doesn't mean I am not getting anything done. I am.

In fact, this week, I will be dropping off a load of paperback books, VCR tapes, and decks of cards, to a local long-term care home that a few local ladies and I have "adopted."

Likewise, I am dropping off a load of crocheted hats/caps, fingerless gloves, and scarves, courtesy of these same ladies and me, to the homeless.

However, I have so much that I need to do, things that are not difficult, but that I keep forgetting or keep putting aside, and they are not getting done.

I have at least two prayers I wrote for this type of issue, in my Busy Person's Prayer Book. I guess it's time for a "physician, heal thyself" session. Gotta pull out my own copy, find those prayers, and make them "live" in my heart for a while.

Hopefully, I am back on track with these posts. I know this is not the worst thing that can happen in my life. But my life is in it's sunset years and I don't want to waste these blessed, precious days. It's time to pull up my socks and get moving. Or at least, get focused.

Father, thank you for putting up with my scattered efforts these days, and help me, please, to get myself together so I may help you with the things you trust me to do for you.

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