Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Tip on Tips (Crochet and Knit)

One site that I visit often is CrochetnMore. I especially love their Tips. This site has plenty of tips, all from people like you and me. Don't let the site name fool you. They cover knitting, too.

The tip that made me post about them tonight is one that caught my eye in a recent email newsletter. You can sign up for it when you visit their site.

Anyhow, this tip works for both crocheters and knitters. It is for anyone who has WIPs scattered all over the place, some without their hooks or needles. These are the WIPs that will probably never get finished because we have no clue which size, hooks or needles, we are supposed to use. Click here for the tip. It is great!

To see the rest of their tips, too many to even count, go to their Home Page (click here), and scroll down the right side, way to the bottom of the list, for Tips (or click here).

One other thing I love is their page with tips for uses for Scrap Yarn (click here). They list 73 ways to use it up!

They even have some crochet-related products on CafePress (mugs, tee shirts, totes, more) with crochet themes and sayings - very cute.

It's worth a visit for the Scrap Yarn ideas alone.

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