Sunday, March 14, 2010

Adjusting Projects to Suit Your Skills

Sometimes crafters get too hung up on following a pattern to the letter. We all have different skill levels. I, for example, cannot stuff anything without it being lumpy. I am also not good at all at "faces." And, I cannot tie a neat bow with ribbon, not even the 1/8" wide stuff.

I often substitute little stick on foam hearts for ribbon, for trim, in a pattern. I also avoid patterns that require stuffing - there are plenty out there that do not require it. As for faces, the most I will do is draw an eye or mouth with a felt tip pen, or glue on some wiggle eyes. I know my limits.

I have friends who will not, under any circumstances, work with thin crochet thread. Or with bulky yarn. Or with two strands of worsted held together. They, too, know their limits.

In today's world, if you take a little longer to search, you can usually find a pattern or instructions for something that suits your own skill level.

When we do handcrafts, we should enjoy it. We should not be growling or whimpering while we try to do something we cannot do. So, find those projects you like and that suit your skills, and focus on them. The results will be much better because it works for you while you work on it. Enjoy yourself!

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