Saturday, March 13, 2010

Amazing Angels

Most faiths believe in angels in one way or another. Mostly, they are either messengers from God (or whatever the Creator is called in various faiths) or as avengers or even warriors. I'm sure we all realize they are not little bare babies with wings. They are truly spiritual beings of enormous power and scope. They are in God's presence always. Some angels sing in magnificent choirs, adoring him for eternity.

My amazement is mostly for their patience with, and tolerance toward, we pitiful human beings. Our Guardian Angel is supposed to protect us, as much as angelically possible, from harm. In some cases, that's pretty tough to do. And when I think of some of the things my angel has seen me do, I'm amazed that my angel even wants to help me at all.

They are far superior to we mortals, yet they have a love for God that is so strong that they help us even when we are the most unworthy of that help.

Oh, I know that not all angels are good. And not all are appointed as guardians to humans. But all of them must wonder, at times, why God puts up with us, and why he bothers to give us such outstanding protection.

I may not be able to understand that kind of unconditional love, but I truly am grateful for it. There are too many times I can look back and see that something, someone was there to protect me.

Father, thank you so much for my Guardian Angel; I will try very hard to be worthy of the help given to me.

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