Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Savoring Life

Many, many years ago, in a kingdom by the sea, well, in Philly, actually, more near the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers, and sort of near the Atlantic Ocean, a little girl lived who read the newspapers at an early age. From the time she was able to read the simpler parts of the paper, she loved a little feature that listed the writer's favorite things.

I can no longer remember the name of that little feature - Life Savors? My Favorite Things? I just cannot remember title or author. It was syndicated.

I just loved that feature. In Philly, as I'm sure all over the country in the 40s and 50s, other readers did as I did, and my friends did - we clipped those that touched us most deeply. The little feature was small enough to fit into a photo sleeve in a wallet when clipped. Most of us had several favorites yellowing, antiquing, in our wallets.

Tonight, I need a life-boost. Here are some things I am most especially grateful for...

Hot water from the shower
A warm furry lap kitty, as my friend Micki would call my gray tabby
The fragrance of the damp air even before the rain begins
Delicious sleep when blessed with it
A friend to talk to (by phone, by email, etc.) when most needed
The sight of a deeply angry sky before the storm
Bones that ache, telling me I still have those bones
A bed to sleep in, with my own well-worn dips and lumps
Food, both good for me and bad for me
Songs that make me weep when I hear them on the car radio

Father, thank you for all these blessings, small though some may be, and please, keep on blessing me with more each day.

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