Thursday, January 14, 2010

Panic and Prayers

What an amazing time this past hour or so has been. I sent up a panic-stricken, fear-driven, terrified prayer for immediate help from the Lord. You know the kind I mean. The type of prayer where you are willing to promise him everything like celibacy for the rest of your life, or eating carrots and lettuce for the next fifty years, or your first-born even if you are clinically barren. The type of prayer where you are willing, yes, to promise anything, but scared to death that you will fail and one of the ancient plagues will befall you.

Why was I so scared? Because even at my age (yeh, that stupid 70 thing again), I am modern enough to be totally dependent upon my computer. Aha! You are getting the idea. Around 8 p.m., when I was toying with whether or not I had the motivation to write a post tonight, the PC tower began growling, low, and then snarling.

I'm savvy enough to know it's either the fan or one of the drives. But that doesn't mean I know the exact cause. It's like an auto mechanic holding up a shock absorber and telling a non-savvy driver that it's a spark plug. They are both sort of cylindrical, but nowhere near the same.

Anyhow, I turned it off, waited fifteen minutes, and turned it back on. More growling. This time, I kept it off for an hour while I went into the living room and grabbed my crochet hook and some yarn, found Criminal Intent, and vegetated for a few minutes. That's all it took for me to realize I needed the Lord's help.

Up went the prayers. Up went some wild attempts at promises if he helped me. I finally decided on one promise - if he cured the PC for a while, long enough for me to post tonight, and for me to back up my entire system, and to get AVG and de-bug my surely buggy drives, however many days or weeks that takes, then I would post tonight about how he helped me, and I would commit to keeping my promise to continue the posts.

I came back in, turned it on, and chicken and coward that I am, immediately went into the kitchen for water so I wouldn't have to hear it if it growled. I came back and it is purring. Hence, this post. Are you there, Lord? See what a good girl I am?

Seriously, I am so grateful. We do not often get immediate responses, but when we do, we realize we are very fortunate, very blessed, for sure.

Father, thank you with my whole heart for finally turning this over to you; now I need lots of grace and gifts of the Spirit to keep my commitment regarding the virus program, the backups, and future posts; I do not deserve your help, but I appreciate it.

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