Thursday, January 14, 2010


Several times in the past year and a half of blogging, I've mentioned how crafting eases and releases stress. Tonight, I was terrified because my PC was growling and snarling. When I finally turned it off and ran away, where did I run? Straight to the living room for my crochet hook and faithful tub of yarn.

After a while, what I call the "rhythm of the stitches" soothed me and de-stressed me. At that point, because Faith is part of my entire being at this point of my life, I prayed. Oh, I prayed hard. Finally, I went back in, turned it on, and it was okay. For now.

Of course, I had made some promises in that prayer-time, and I must keep to them. But the main thing is that if I did not have the crochet hook ready and waiting, I might have kept the PC on even longer, worrying and not accomplishing anything. I might have not heeded the need to give my PC a rest. I must have it looked at, so I must baby it for a while until then.

We who busy ourselves with our crafts, no matter what that craft is, are truly blessed. Working with our hands eventually calms our souls enough to find a way to deal with stress. Mindlessly working the stitches or patterns, we free our mind for the solutions to surface. How great is that?

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