Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Fun Challenge to Me

Some people annoy me, irritate me, bait me, but they are not bad people in general. We just see things in a different way. Yet I allow myself to feel irritation and resentment when something they say or do offends or annoys me.
I've decided to challenge myself to find one thing I really like and respect in that person, the next time this happens. This does not count physical appearance, which in a big part comes from our Maker (oh, and from cosmetics and nip-tuck practitioners).

Obviously, if I am still speaking to that person, I do not hate him or her. What is that phrase for this problem? Oh, yes, personality conflict. I hate buzz words but this pair of words does describe the issue.

So, let me see if I can give myself a quick example.

One gal I know almost always irritates me. We see things from a different political standpoint, but she always states her view with such intensity that she is almost foaming at the mouth, and she follows people around while making her point. So, what do I like and respect about her? There must be something. Hmmm. Ok, I've got one - she's dedicated to her job and never calls in sick unless she has a real problem. So, she has a good work ethic. That works for me. The next time I feel annoyed, I can remind myself of that positive side of her character.

Hey, this could be fun.

Father, I am very grateful to you for your gift of Free Will; I can choose to remain miserable in the presence of some people, or I can choose to turn it around and find something positive; thank you!

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