Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lace Extenders - Follow Up

My previous post about using lace as an extender has really interested me. I am not a sewing crafter, as I've mentioned.

But I found some of my lace stash and really got excited. I found two pieces already that caught my eye. Both were about 6 inches deep. One piece is a bit stiff and I don't think I'd like it on a nightshirt. But the other piece is very soft and supple. The second piece is also longer and might work for two of the nightshirts.

The nightshirts also have V-necklines which have begun to sag after repeated washings and wearings. A piece of the lace attached there would really look cute, when coupled with the piece extending the hemline.

Normally, I would not bother with all of this but I really love my collection of nightshirts. Most of them still look very fresh, even after two or three years of wear and laundering, except for that mysterious hemline shortening.

Now the only thing that scares the daylights out of me is sewing it on (sigh). I'll be back when I have calmed myself down and my heart stops pounding.

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