Monday, January 18, 2010

Pleading for Mercy for the World

I had no intention of posting tonight because I had no ideas to share. Then I began thinking of all I had seen and heard today, news-wise, locally, nationally, and internationally. It was really frightening.

If this were the biblical days, I fear we would have already been put down by God for all that we are doing, to ourselves and others. I'm not going to list those "wrongs," mine or anyone else's. I am going to ask the Lord to see what we are doing right, and pray that he will spare us his wrath.

Remember how he looked for just one good man in that old biblical town? I imagine that is almost impossible today.

However, if we each keep trying, keep praying, and keep trying to keep his Commandments, we can accomplish wondrous things in his name.

Lord God, please forgive us all, for all our sins and our failures. I ask, please, in the name of every person who reads this post, and every person who posts in your name, or who reads a faith-driven post, that you see not our sins, but our efforts to try, each time, to do right by you again. We are all your prodigal sons and daughters, and we need your help, your grace, to stay on the path to heaven and to spread the good news.

Please fill us with the wisdom and gifts of the Spirit so that we may see not only the evil in the world, but all the good people who are trying to be better, who keep picking themselves up and trying again to be what you want us to be.

Most especially, Lord God, please help us to avoid judging others and, instead, to look at ourselves and try to keep ourselves on the path you have chosen for each of us.

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