Thursday, December 3, 2009

Travel Projects

I must take two bus rides in the next 48 hours, each of 6-7 hrs duration. I plan to take a small project or two with me for the ride and for some waiting-around time while I am at my destination.

On this type of trip, I try to take only minor projects. I can't afford to take something good, or an order from my Etsy shop. If the bus lurches and someone spills something on my project, I would be crushed.

For this trip, squares would be good. Fingerless gloves or hats or scarves for the homeless, would be fine, too. They must also be uncomplicated projects.

I used to try to read on bus trips, but there is something about me that encourages people to interrupt my reading and start chatting. At least with crochet, I can still work while they talk at me. And, in the end, I will at least have completed a small project or two.

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