Thursday, December 3, 2009


I'll be going to see my sister as they set her up in hospice care. I'll be leaving late tomorrow night and getting there, by bus, around 10 on Saturday morning, staying about 8 hours before I must return.

It won't be long before she passes on. I need to be by her side for a few hours, at least.

I remember, through the years, people referring to this type of visit as a "death watch." I think that is so un-true.

For me, it is a "love watch." Out of love for her, I will sit with her, hold her hand, pray with her, talk quietly about the old days and rememberances. Anything to soothe and comfort her.

I only pray that her suffering be of short duration after they remove the NG tube. Yet, not my will, but his, be done.

Father, as heavy as my heart is, as strongly as my heart aches for my sister, I entrust her to your wise care and compassion. I only pray that you fill me with the grace to deal with this while allowing her some dignity and comfort.

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful to think of it as a love watch. Travel safely and have a good love watch with your sister, Evie.