Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's almost over for my sister

We're waiting for the hospital doctors to work with the long-term care facility doctors, to agree and transfer my sister from one city back to where she has been for few years, and set her up in hospice status.

I desperately want to see and hug her before they remove the NG tube which feeds her. I do not want her to suffer just because of my timing so I will make bus arrangements within a 48-hr period as soon as I get the word that she is headed back to long-term care and hospice. They are all working as quickly as possible to make her suffering as brief as possible.

She is lethargic, cannot eat on her own without choking, but she opens her eyes when someone enters. At least at the long-term care facility, she will hear voices around her that are familiar, and they love her there. This is hard on them, also. She is like "family" to them.

Doctors cannot determine if the old shunt in her brain from her '74 aneurysm surgery is metal or not so they cannot risk an MRI to determine whether the mass is a tumor or an aneurysm, but they all concur that it probably does not matter at this point, that surgery would just delay the inevitable.

Thank you, all of you, for your prayers. Without them, we might have seen this drag on for months as it did with my friend, Jane, earlier this year. At least these doctors are not afraid to say openly what the situation is. I am grateful for that. Now my efforts are focused on making arrangements to take a bus to CA and hoping friends can take me to the nursing home at that point. I can stay only 24 hrs or less. Prayers would be appreciated for quick arrangements for transfer from one facility to the other, if that is God's will, and for me to get a chance to see her one more time.


Marina said...

Oh Evie...I'm so sorry. I pray God takes care of everything from beginning to end. I pray His Strength and Comfort to you at this time and peace for your sister

rubynreba said...

Prayers to you and all your family.