Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Special Gift for You

I'd like each of you to have a special gift: a beloved Christmas Poem which I wrote, "Baby Jesus, Small and Sweet."

To get a copy, do one of two things:
1) Leave a comment requesting a copy
2) Email me and ask for a copy

You will get a .pdf file.

If, instead of the .pdf file, you wish a hard copy mailed to you, then email me (emayfieldz@aol.com) with your snail mail addy - do NOT post your snail mail addy as a comment. It is dangerous to your ID.

You may have one copy, free of charge, if you agree to only two conditions
1) I ask that you do NOT let this fly all over the Internet
2) I ask that you ensure that my name stays with the verse

If you wish any of your friends or loved ones to have a copy, give them the link to this post so they may comment, or give them my email addy so they can ask for one.

I had hoped to put them in my Etsy store this year, but my sister's passing, and other life issues, distracted me. Normally, they would sell for $2 on paper, $3 on card stock, and $2 download.

Don't worry about it being a little late for this year. It's a keeper. You can frame it and pack it away with your Christmas items and bring it back out next year.

Here's a link to one version. This free gift I offer has one error on it - it has an old mailing address for me, but it does not affect the product. When you ask for the verse (either comment or email), I'll reply with links to two versions and you can choose which design you want. The verse is the same; only the background graphics will be different.

Lord God, please guide this post to anyone who loves your son, Jesus, and who would also love the thoughts and ideas in this verse, the very thoughts and ideas that you, yourself, guided me to write.

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Linda K said...

Beautiful poem. I would love to have a copy. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com