Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gag Gift Craft Projects

I love making quick and easy gag craft projects. These are scattered throughout many different websites, but I'll give a few examples here. By the way, when I search for these, I use the words "gag gifts free instructions."

This first one, Family Crafts, I am bookmarking (just found it tonight) for next year. Maybe I can start a bunch of them and begin my stash. It is a set of items that are a twist on the 12 Days of Christmas. These are really cute ideas. For example, the 1st day, instead of a "partridge in a pear tree," you print a tag that explains that the partridge flew away but you are enclosing some pears (canned); the tags for each day are included at Family Crafts. Scroll down this page for many other year-long ideas.

Here's a blog site for a nice collection of year-long ideas from Homemade Gifts Made Easy. She has everything from gag retirement gifts, printable gag "certificates," plus you can subscribe to her monthly e-zine for a constant flow of new ideas as she posts them. Check out her idea for a woman still looking for the perfect man, or for stress relief capsules, or even a weather forecast station (scroll down this page). Again, once I found this site tonight, I just had to bookmark it.

One more site. This is from a page on a forum so I hope it works for you. If it does, I'd either save it to your PC, or print it out, just in case it somehow changes over the months ahead. Here I found ideas for a belly button duster, unfinished furniture, and magic weight loss beans (scroll down the page for a nice long collection of ideas).

There were other sites in my search results, but these seemed the best to start with. I honestly think they will keep us busy for a long time, and are especially good for those who are afraid of normal handcraft projects.

Today, and the previous two days' posts, contain enough links and ideas so that even the non-crafty can make a New Year's Resolution to start a stash of emergency gifts for throughout the year.

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