Tuesday, December 22, 2009

FaveCrafts - A Fave for the Un-Crafty

This site, FaveCrafts, has a ton of ideas for quick gift projects for both seasoned crafters and for those who are totally terrified of tackling any handcrafted gift.

As soon as I went to their site tonight, I saw the Quick Glitter Pine Cones. That "Quick" part caught my eye. The instructions make it very easy - I might even look for pine cones on sale after Christmas and try these myself for next year! Even I can do these, especially using their suggested easy techniques.

FaveCrafts categories include everything you would expect, plus Garden, Scrapbooking, Leather, Soap, Candle, Unexpected Ideas, Tips and Techniques, and even Upcoming Craft Fairs.

Of course, they have many projects suitable for kids, but I peek there for quick-and-easy stuff and because I know if a kid can do it, I can probably do it. Here are a few that caught my eye: Tiered Christmas Tree (especially the curled version), Reindeer Ornament, and Cute Beaded Icicle Swirls (I would probably put an extra few "swirls" in mine).

If you register at FaveCrafts, you not only receive regular emails with their newest projects, but you may also Add projects which catch your eye, for later use, without having to save or print. You will also get notices about regular free Giveaways.

One more thing I love about FaveCrafts is their large collection of FREE downloadable e-books for many different crafts. Again, if you register, they email you whenever they add new free e-books. Titles include Cheap and Easy Crafts, Quick and Easy Christmas Crafts, and Creative Ideas for the Holiday Home.

As much as I love this site, I love even more their regular emails with updates and with their Free Giveaways. I often list their Giveaways in my sidebar because many of them are so good.

Bottom Line: FaveCrafts is a great site to browse when you need to begin a stash of emergency gifts and you want them quick and easy, but nice looking.

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