Monday, December 21, 2009

God's Infinite Variety

I've been doing this blog for well over a year now. I know that I've covered God's variety, to a small degree, a long while ago. Today, I felt the awesome power and meaning of his creative power yet again.

While driving around in the midst of errands, I was caught up in the wide variety in just his plant life alone, and even in just the leaves on those plants, trees, and bushes. In just one block, I was caught up in a game of continually spotting yet another type of leaf, or a different color, or a different texture. I was astonished by the incredible assortment of shapes of the bushes, trees, and plants on the whole. I fell in love with this magnificence.

Then I felt totally ashamed for all of us. There are many of us who notice God's infinite variety in plants and animals. We love it. We are amazed by it. We worship a creator who can create all of this to an unlimited degree.

Yet, when faced with the awesome variety in other humans, we fail miserably to fully appreciate and admire our differences. We are all different colors, all different characters, with many different types of humor, intelligence levels, special talents, type of voices, colors of eyes, shapes of faces, sizes of feet, levels of physical strength, and more.

What is wrong with us, that we can admire and love God's infinite variety in plants and animals, and despise that same awesome variety in ourselves?

Father, forgive us, for we know not what we do; fill us with love for each other that not only equals, but surpasses, our love for the variety you have created in all of nature.