Monday, December 21, 2009

Craftbits - Craft Projects for Everyone

Craftbits is one of the best sites for finding easy-to-make hand-crafted gifts. You cannot help but find something that you can make, no matter how many thumbs are on your hands.

Their Home Page lets you sign up for their regular newsletter which spotlights new and most popular craft projects, plus a list (with photos) of the Top Ten currently most popular projects, and a sidebar with a long list of categories to help you find a project. The search feature can help you, too. Signing up for the newsletter also ensures you learn of any new projects in case you don't get over to the site as often as you'd like to.

Talk about easy token gifts, try the Jar of Nothing, a jar of Angel Dust, a Duct Tape Rose, a really pretty paper snowflake (I've got to try this one), and a CD Candle Holder.

My personal secret is to check the projects at these sites that are marked for "kids." Under those headings, you can always find something for the most un-crafty adult! I found a braided pet toy, not just one button bracelet, but two different button bracelets, a pipe cleaner beaded necklace, and a minty gift poem and gift, among other items.

You can register for the My Crafts feature and then bookmark projects as you browse so you won't have to bother printing and/or saving each one and slow yourself down when you are hunting for something special.

There are also links to their blog, lists of charities that need your help, DIY videos, and even craft competitions.

Categories include paper crafts, recycled projects, holiday projects, tons of other categories, and the always useful "miscellaneous" group.

You could spend days on this site, but you don't want to get dizzy from too much surfing all at once.

Bottom Line? Almost anybody can find something on this site that is easy and cute for them to do. Begin with one project you know you can do, and you like to do. Make up a few of these items. Later, find one more project. Little by little, you will have a stash of little emergency gifts on hand, for almost any occasion. Have fun - explore.

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Thena said...

Wonderful website. Bookmarked it, for when the kids say I'm bored. LOL Schools out until January 7th so I'm sure even after Santa comes I will hear it.