Friday, November 20, 2009

Gifting the Homeless

Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since my last Craft blog post (11/07). I never even managed to share how our Craft Fair went. I'll cover that tomorrow. For now, I am very excited because I finally found a contact who will ensure that the things we have made for the homeless will really reach those in need.

I've been stung by people who say they are giving things to the needy when I want to donate items, and then staff members divide the "loot" and take it to their own homes. It's not nice; it's downright mean and selfish. Not all staff members are like that. Unfortunately, though, it does happen and it has happened to me.

Our very small group of charity crafters (varies between 1 and 5) has managed to accumulate over 60 prs of fingerless gloves, dozens of caps/hats, and about a dozen or more scarves. I know that it's only a small number in contrast to how many homeless are on our local streets out here. But we'll make a start.

I tried the Salvation Army. You wouldn't believe how complicated their departmental structure is. It took me quite a few phone calls, many minutes on hold, and finally I gained the name of the Director of our local group. I made it very plain that we did not want any of these to go into stores. We want them around the cold heads, necks, and wrists/hands of those on the street. She was very much in tune with our wishes. In fact, she is as thrilled to get these as we are to finally find a home for them.

I think by mid-week, next week, we'll have them in the hands of those who need them. If this goes well, we can make a drop once a month and keep the goodies flowing.

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