Friday, November 20, 2009


I'm getting a little excited about the probability of de-cluttering over the next month or two. I had made a dent in the stacks and piles of boxes and stuff a few months back. Then the washer's drain-line clogged up on me and I could only do very small loads of wash. Much of my de-cluttering involves clothing that I can easily give away but it must be washed. Out here in southern NV, dust is not just a fact of life, it is state-of-the-art.

It wasn't just that I could only do small loads but I also had to keep an eye on the kitchen sink every time it emptied, which was twice for each load. That really cut down on the things I could do while the washer was washing. I feel so free in this area now. I managed to get a very reasonable sewer/drain fellow out here this past week, so I'm all set.

I remember reading, and hearing, many times from many sources, that when we "let go" of what we do not need, we open our lives to that which God knows we truly do need. And the theory is that, at that point, the things we need find a way to our lives.

I love sharing. It's one of the reasons for this blog. Giving away the things that are just sitting here, no longer wanted, no longer used by anyone in the household, is one more way to share.

I've tried "selling" things like that but it never works for me. So, these days, I first mentally review the people I know who might be able to use those things. Then I consider Freecycle. Almost every area in the country today has a Freecycle connection. I might write about them tomorrow, but for now, I'll explain that you post what you have to get rid of, and then folks who really want and need it will contact you and you make arrangements for to pick it up. It's a very satisfying feeling to have matched your no-longer-wanted stuff with someone who really wants and needs it.

Father, thank you for helping me get to this point, and guide me please toward the places you want these things to go.

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