Sunday, November 1, 2009

Faith - The Great De-Stresser

A kind follower of this blog posted a comment about yesterday's post and seemed concerned about my inner turmoil. Trust me, folks, I am just fine. It's facing these daily issues squarely and praying about them that keeps me sane. If I did not have Faith to lean on, I don't know how I'd make it. I don't know how anyone makes it in today's world without Faith.

My life is not bad at all, compared to so many others who I know. I worry about a lot of people who do not have an outlet for their tension and their worries. I had a friend long ago who used to worry that I was "beating myself up" by reflecting on what went wrong and how I might have done it differently.

That was not a problem for me. I do not dwell on those things for long. Only long enough to consider the pros and cons, the solutions revealed by hindsight, take some moments to pray about the issue, and then move on.

In my Busy Person's Prayer Book, I have a few two-line prayers. One of them is:

Two or three minutes; that's a lot
Then it's time to get off of the pity pot.

You have no idea how often that little tiny prayer helps me put some stability back into my life.

It's true that some folks have trouble letting go when they begin to reflect on something they may have done wrongly (that's not the right word, but it works for me). They torment themselves. With Faith, however, once we reflect, and pray for future guidance and help, we can easily move forward.

Dear God, thank you so much for being there whenever I need you, and for your generosity in continuing to forgive me, and continuing to offer your guidance; please open my heart and ears that I may take advantage of that help.

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