Saturday, October 31, 2009


Where did this year go? It's already almost too late to begin some of the gifts I wanted to make for the holidays. My budget is too small for buying gifts. But I have a good stash of yarn and other supplies. With these, and the right management of my time (yeah, right!), I can make what I need, especially those smaller, quick and easy "thank you" gifts for people who we only seem to touch base with during the holidays.

The hard part is trying to remember what I gave out last year, and be sure I do not duplicate that this year. Although some folks do not mind two or three of the same ornament, novelty gift, or other gift, some people are put off by it. And I know, in my heart, that I have plenty of ideas. I just need to organize them in a better way.

I've been trying to remember what I gave out last year. That is a real challenge. I might be better off by trying to remember which items I have made, for the first time, over the past six months. That pretty much guarantees that I didn't give those things out last year.

Once more (I do this every year, without success), I hope to jot down what I make, and who it went to, as I distribute the items during this upcoming season. This should prove interesting.

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Anonymous said...

It really is a holidaze! I wish you much luck in your endeavor this year.