Saturday, October 31, 2009


I always regret not posting every night. Posting to this part of my blog de-stresses me. It gives me a chance to reflect on my day and see where it could have gone better had I gone to the Lord in prayer, or see where it went well because I did remember to pray.

Today was not a good one, stress-wise. I was not wise and I let it build up. There were heated words in the household, and I hate it when I sound shrill or when I let the situation cause me to react in a way I could have avoided. If I had just taken one moment when the first words made me tense, agitated, and edgy, I could have probably avoided an argument. Arguments rarely solve problems. In my experience, they only add to them.

I have a prayer in my Busy Person's Prayer Book that I wrote just for these occasions. Of course, that prayer is for "someone who baits me." People do not always intend to push our agitation-buttons. But when they do, we have a choice. I could have said a quick prayer and asked the Lord to help me calm down. Instead, I just allowed the moment, and the next moment, and the next, to wash over me in waves of agitation.

I have no way of knowing if I had posted the past few days whether I could have avoided my reaction this afternoon. But, again, in my experience, the more I am in the moment of the Lord, with him, and filled with him, the more I can shrug off these stressful confrontations.

I am the one who benefits most when I reflect on the day and where I placed God in it. I benefit by keeping my stress level way down. I must remember that more often, and stop neglecting this post. For others, instead of a post, they might choose a journal entry. Or, for many others, a few moments of quiet thought and reflection at the end of the day will work. Whatever works for each of us, it helps us to keep God in our hearts always.

Father, forgive me for not coming to you more often these past few days, and forgive my outbursts today. Help me, please, to come to you as soon as I feel the tension building, so you can comfort me and counsel me as to how you wish me to react.

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April said...

Hello Evelyn. I hope things get better. Remember to pray because as you know nothing is more powerful.