Monday, October 26, 2009

Free Money Tree Seeds Project

These are great novelty gifts for many occasions. This handmade gift is ideal for giving gifts any time of year.

Older people love it because they remember the wisdom of saving
Young people can begin to learn the value of saving
Great for Christmas stocking stuffers

Easter Basket gifts!
Wonderful for Hanukkah gelt gifts

It's a great way to recycle those pennies we all accumulate. From now on, save all your shiny ones!

25 shiny pennies
2”x3” zippered plastic bag
self-adhesive label

Place the shiny pennies into the clear zippered bag.
Print this poem on a label and put the label on the bag.

Money Tree Seeds
Plant these seeds in a safe, dark place
And over the course of the coming year
Add a few more seeds day by day
And in time a money tree will appear
(c) 2009 Evelyn Mayfield

This is a unique gift and a good way to use up all our extra pennies. Labels come in sheets of 30 to a sheet, so you can make a lot of gifts at once and have them around for quick gifts.

I sell these in my Etsy shop but you can imagine how heavy they are and how the postage is far more than what I charge to make them. They are best for local gifts and quick, last-minute token gifts. Still, there will always be some folks who do not have a printer for the labels, or who just do not accumulate enough pennies. For this reason, I keep them listed in my shop.

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