Monday, November 2, 2009

Guidance for Uncertainties

Several times this afternoon/evening, people shared their faith with me in a casual but firm manner. I love the way people today feel free and unafraid to say they believe in God's power and in his guidance of their lives.

One lady was emailing me about why she had to forego getting a table at our upcoming Craft Fair. She is moving and that is a mess, as many of us know firsthand. I mentioned I didn't envy her and said I would keep her in my prayers. She wrote back to the effect that she trusted him to help her and appreciated the prayers.

Another lady was trying to gather names to assemble a volunteer committee. She and I both feel the timing on this committee is too soon and it should wait until early next year, but the decision is up to someone else. Without conscious thought, we both agreed we'd pray on this issue and if it was meant to be, it would fall into place, and if not meant to be, the signs would be there.

Still another woman ordered some plastic canvas satin ribbon crosses from my Etsy shop for some boxes she was packing for the military. Timing, for both she and I, got off track. She told me tonight to ship anyway, and that if it was meant to be, God would get them there in time, and if not, they would be ready for next year.

Trusting God to handle the uncertain parts of our lives is so easy on the nerves. It is so reassuring to find others who feel the same way.

Father, bless each of these women, and me, and continue to watch over us and guide us toward the paths for the plans you have for us.

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